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Ever wondered how to paint a smooth surface in Austin without leaving brush marks? When you do a professional, you do not see brush marks; what will be the secret? When we do it, after everything dries, we see deep canyons left by the brush. They show each of the strokes, each strand of brush marks.

In this article, here are some recommendations from Austin painters that will learn some useful tips and tricks that will help us avoid brush marks when painting our walls.

No Brush Marks!

The main reason you get brush marks is that the paint has not completely spread before it has dried. So the first tip to avoid brush lines is to buy the best brand of slow drying home paint. This highest quality paint is typically labeled to take up to 24 hours to dry.

With proper brush cleaning and care, you’ll have your brush for a long time.

Useful Tips For Painting For Austin Homeowners :

    • Never press the brush against the surface to be painted as it will discharge more paint than necessary and will leave imperfections on the surface.
    • When the surfaces are very large, we must apply a coat of paint in the opposite direction to the grain of the wood to make sure that the area is well covered and the last one in the same direction.
    • Do not forget to pass a hand of fine sandpaper between layers to remove specks of dust or paint that may have remained on the surface, for this use fine sponge sandpaper that greatly facilitates the work.
    • When you paint circular surfaces, rounded table, and chair legs, the paint will be spread with small circular brush strokes with the tip of the brush, small taps around the tube to cover the surface.
  • When you see that the paint exceeds half the length of the brush hair, you should wash and dry it, and this will ensure the elasticity of the bristles and the perfect finish when painting with the brush.

How To Paint Without Leaving The Brush Marks?

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