Painting Work In Summer: Watch Out For Temperatures

Painting In The Summer In Austin TX

This summer, it’s decided, you want to repaint your house in Austin. But beware! Painting when temperatures rise with a thermometer is not necessarily a good idea. Indeed, the heat can cause rendering problems of painting. It is imperative to take weather conditions into account before repainting your home. However, you can do your painting work in summer by following the advice of our pros.

  • No ventilation: for the chemistry to be done, the painting needs ventilation and light. And in summer, when temperatures exceed 30 degrees, it is difficult to find a breath of air. The chemical emulsion may, therefore, not be done. In fact, it is very likely not to adhere to the support and not to give the expected rendering.
  • A too moisture present: If you think around the problem by painting very early in the morning, you’re wrong. Indeed, if the paint fears heat, it is also sensitive to too high humidity. Also, your paint may not like the morning dew and the humidity of dawn.

Maximum Temperature For Painting A Room

Painting In Hot Temperatures In Austin

If in spite of everything, you want to paint during hot weather, you will be able to do so by looking for the moment when the ideal climatic conditions are met. And the right time is when the temperatures do not exceed 25 degrees, and the humidity is between 50% and 60%. In addition, to avoid traces of paint, paint away from drafts.

Even if the maximum recommended temperature is 25 degrees for painting work, it should be known that beyond 20 degrees, the painting undergoes changes. On the one hand, it thickens, which makes it more difficult to pose. On the other hand, it evaporates. For acrylic paints, the water will evaporate, for glycerol paints, it is the solvents that evaporate. In either case, the essential components of the paint go away. In fact, the rendering is altered. However, painting at low temperatures is not recommended either.…